Susan G. Komen Greater Pennsylvania is the local resource for patients in need, performs outreach in the form of breast health presentations, advocates for public policy at the local, state and national level, and spearheads an initiative to reach breast cancer survivors. Through annual events including the MORE THAN PINK Walk and individual contributions, Komen Greater PA raises funds that enable women and men to detect and survive breast cancer.

Where does the money go?

We know our donors work extremely hard to raise money and that often it is for very personal reasons. That is why we make it a priority to honor those efforts by supporting quality community programs and research that will have the greatest impact on breast cancer.
Susan G. Komen® Global Research Program
The Susan G. Komen® Global Research Program funds lifesaving research in all areas of breast cancer, from basic biology to prevention to treatment and to survivorship in the United States and across the globe. And with continued support, this scientific research will address some of the most pressing issues in breast cancer today:
• Identifying and improving methods of early detection
• Ensuring more accurate diagnoses
• Developing new approaches to prevention
• Enabling personalized treatments based on breast cancer subtypes and the genetic make-up of a tumor
We have made a promise to end breast cancer forever – energizing science to find the cures is a critical part of this promise. Because of medical research, the death rate for breast cancer is 30 percent lower than it was 25 years ago and more than 3 million women are breast cancer survivors today.

Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Fund

The Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Program provides direct financial assistance for patients in Pennsylvania who are struggling with the crippling costs associated with their breast cancer treatment.
The Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Fund supports those who are facing financial challenges by providing limited financial assistance, education and support services to low-income, underinsured or uninsured breast cancer patients. Financial assistance is available for breast cancer treatment expenses such as oral pain medication, anti-nausea medication, oral chemotherapy/hormone therapy, child care/elder care, transportation to and from treatment, lymphedema care and supplies and durable medical equipment.
To learn more about this program and eligibility requirements, click here.


Breast Care Helpline

Susan G. Komen® offers two helplines for those in need of breast cancer education, psychosocial support and information on resources.
If you or a loved one needs information about breast health or breast cancer, call our breast care helpline to speak with a trained specialist or oncology social worker at 1-877 GO KOMEN (1-877-465-6636) or email at
The Komen Breast Care Helpline offers:
• Breast health and breast cancer information,
• Psychosocial support to anyone with questions or concerns,
• Information about national and local organizations and resources that may provide financial assistance and other support services, including low-cost mammography; and
• Support groups.