Local Research Studies

Below is a listing of three studies that breast cancer survivors may be interested taking part in at UPMC. If you are interested in learning more about these studies, or about other research opportunities for which you may be eligible, please contact the Research Participant Registry Screener Office at 1.866.438.8230.

Auricular Therapy Study for Pain: PRO10010063A University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing is looking for people who have breast cancer with pain to participate in a research study that is using auricular point acupressure to manage pain and symptoms. Participants will receive either actual auricular therapy (AT) or a procedure that imitates or mimics AT. This study will take place at the School of Nursing on the University of Pittsburgh’s Oakland campus.

Familial Susceptibility for Lymphedema Secondary to Breast Cancer Therapy: PRO06080011 Are you in treatment for Breast Cancer? Have you been treated for Breast Cancer? Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh are studying the development of lymphedema in individuals with Breast Cancer, and related family members. Eligibility: women between the ages of 18-90 with a diagnosis of breast cancer with a family member (male or female) with or without a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Breast Cancer Treatment & Cardiovascular Risk Study: PRO12090085A Researchers are recruiting women to participate in a study to explore the link between past and current breast cancer treatment and the risk of developing heart disease. Eligible participants are post-menopausal, have been treated for Stage 1, 2, or 3 breast cancer with Aromatase Inhibitors for at least 2 years or longer. Compensation provided.